``Capture the essence of the place``

Each design should reflect a one-of-a-kind ambience by creating a sense of place that is alive with the spirit of the local surroundings.

SENS Interior Design was founded in 2008 by the current managing designers Mariamalia Garcia and Raquel Fischel. Motivated by their previous experience in hospitality projects as employees of a well know company the idea was to establish a firm that could handle a wide variety of projects including Residential, Commercial and Hospitality.

The firms design philosophy is to seek and create unforgettable experiences in each project through the design process and the relationships with the team of work. Rather than having an specific style each project is custom design to meet the client desires with a touch of authenticity through the constant research of the space, the culture, its history and the surrounding community. known for their simple and clean beautiful designs infused with natural elements and crisp, colorful accents, SENS over the past year Sens has been involved in social responsibility programs with a few communities in Costa Rica.

The owners believe that they can to make life better for those less fortunate thru design. As a part of a team with artists and private companies they have been working in developing local art with the people from several communities. The idea is to help them develop unique souvenirs or art pieces for the hotels, souvenirs stores, design companies and tourists to encourage them to become artists and to develop not only long term economical profits but also self esteem and recognition.


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